"Photography is a love affair with life". Burk Uzzle.

John W.Pattison was born in South Shields 61 years ago, he has lived most of his life in this wonderful seaside town embraced by the River Tyne. His photographic passions includes photographing Native Americans, but importantly, he particularly enjoys photographing in and around his beloved South Shields.

John is an ardent and dedicated Newcastle United supporter, however, there is little doubt that the crucial hinge in John's life is his wife (June) and his family. "NOTHING is more important than family".

Currently he is employed as a Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist in Haematology at his local hospital, a place that established his cancer diagnosis 43 years ago (presently, he is one of the longest surviving cancer patients in the UK). In 2012 John opted for flexible retirement (returning to work 3 days each week) due to some long-term health issues, a legacy of the salubrious chemotherapy and radiotherapy delivered many years earlier. He wrote the highly acclaimed 'A Love Affair with Cancer' to offer hope and inspiration to not just someone with a cancer diagnosis, but for anyone in society. This book was self-funded and currently is a not-for profit project, so please feel free to check it out. www.aloveaffiarwithcancer.co.uk

During what clearly was a challenge to his mortality, John read 'Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee', a history of the Native Americans and found inspiration like never before. He has made the pilgrimage to Wounded Knee in South Dakota on many occasions such is his respect for the native people. In May this year, John spent four days on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as a guest of the Oglala Sioux.

​John is proud to deliver his photography service in and around his local Tyneside; his freelance photography business is a rapidly growing enterprise.

John W.Pattison Photography.