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"I was honoured, and truly privileged to spend four days on Pine Ridge Indian reservation a few weeks back. Despite the obvious poverty and inequalities, I was humbled by the way I was welcomed like a brother. On my final day, I was asked to attend the tribal council of the Oglala Sioux (OSC) and I was presented with a star quilt". (this is something that is reserved for honoured guests).

I am available to deliver my Pine Ridge Reservation work as a presentation, to groups large and small. Please contact me for dates.

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​"Wow, that truly was an inspiring talk and I think we have all learned something today"

(Jen Hall; U3A, South Shields; November 2018).

"Thanks once again for your excellent presentation to the Rotary Club on Tuesday. Several members said it was the best talk anyone has given".

(Jack Buglass, South Shields Rotary Club; December 2018).

"John, thank you for what was an amazing presentation - they are still talking about it".

(John Ward, St. John's Church, Hebburn; December 2018).

"Your presentation was so informative. The explanation of their history was so detailed and it was refreshing to hear the other side of the story. This was an excellent talk".

(Philip Hopps, Secretary, Washington Forge Rotary Club; February 2019).

"That was incredible, to know all those facts without notes and even speak some of the language".

(John Doyle, President, Sunderland Photography Club; March 2019).